Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Born Winners

Late Breaking News....I just wrapped up a multi-song placement with Atlanta trapper-turned-rapper Doughboy. Some of you may have heard him on his Gangsta Grills or Dj Khaled mixtape...nevertheless, the nigga is DOPE, so get familiar! Check out his myspace page for more info on dude...His buzz is crazy and His future is gwoppy!

Here is the first song, coming soon on Nubreed/Warner Bros produced by Yours Truly...

Born Winners Dirty

For all the music heads who always ask about the difference between a professionally mixed and mastered track in comparison to the original two track, I've uploaded both versions for you guys to be the judge...its quite difficult to pinpoint the subtle nuances from a crappy ass mp3, so I'll upload a wav. link for anyone readers who leave a comment saying they're interested! BTW, the track was mixed by Alec Newell (Polow da Don/Yung Buck> 'Get Buck') at Music House Studios in Atl

"My Original" Triumph Instrumental

"The Mastered" Born Winners Instrumental

Born Winners


  1. dude fukd up the mix son...real talk...shit was betta b4

  2. I'm interested in hearing the track. Could you send a link to me?