Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clipse presents Re-Up Gang 8/5/08...Yeah I'm On It!

The New Clipse Re-Up Gang is slated to drop on 8/5/08. The Maestro produced "Zen" has been chosen as an iTunes EXCLUSIVE single! It will be available ONLY ON ITUNES July 29th, a full week before it hits stores! Yuk!!

Platinum-selling rappers the Clipse have partnered with KOCH Records for a special release “The Clipse Present The Re-Up Gang”, which will be released on August 5th, 2008. The Re-Up Gang, formed in 2004, is a larger ensemble encompassing the Clipse and collaborative Philly MCs Ab-Liva and Sandman. This fearsome foursome has been recording together since the Clipse’ platinum debut “Lord Willin’”, and is responsible for the celebrated “We Got It 4 Cheap” mixtape series. But “The Clipse Present The Re-Up Gang” is a standalone album featuring 9 new songs, including a single produced by Scott Storch, plus 3 unreleased remixes of tracks from “We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3”.

Pusha T, one half of the Clipse, says “Everything happens for a reason. We put out the We Got it 4 Cheap series on our own for the streets and that helped keep us visible and build the Re-Up name as an entity. This time, [our manager] Tony Draper got with [KOCH General Manager] Alan Grunblatt to put together an official album with new music and let KOCH Records do what they do best. This release gives us something fresh in the marketplace to reward Re-Up fans while we continue to work on the Clipse album.”

The Clipse recently signed a groundbreaking 5-year 50/50 deal at Sony/Columbia Records, entitling the Clipse to ownership of their masters.

Grunblatt says, “Tony Draper and I have worked together since the days of Suave House and Relativity Records. KOCH loves The Clipse and are thrilled to be working with the Re-Up Gang.”

In the meantime, keep an ear open for Scott Storch’s single, “Fast Life,” which impacts next week. With its infectious hand claps and retro synth effects, “Fast Life” is an inevitable summer sizzler. Not lost amidst the dancefloor-destined drums are the quartet’s lyrical acumen and gleaming metaphor game. “Fast Life” has the irrepressible collective energy of a prior Clipse’-flavored hit, “What Happened To That Boy.” Expect an accompanying video for the track come early July.

Additionally, three prime cuts from Volume 3 of “We Got It 4 Cheap” have been remixed and re-issued specifically for this project.

“The Clipse Present the Re-Up Gang” arrives August 5. And keep the pot boiling for the Clipse’ full-length album on Sony, due in November.

Clipse presents Re-Up Gang 8/5/08...Yeah I'm On It!


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