Friday, December 5, 2008

B Cox in Remix Magazine

The big homie B Cox talks Gear, Technique, and Attitude in this new Remix Magazine feature. Check it out HERE...a must read for Logic users and aspiring producers!

B Cox in Remix Magazine


  1. DAMMNNNNN BCOX got some sick plugs...

  2. Cats aint up on that Pro53, Massive,and FM7 & 8...good read we already know B is a beast.

  3. dont forget ReFX Vanguard!

  4. hello MAESTRO

    BRYAN MICHAEL COX alternates between working with LOGIC and his MPC 4000.
    i mean sometimes he uses LOGIC as a sound module and he does all his sequencing on his mpc4000.
    also, sometimes, he does all his sequence inside of LOGIC....especially when he travels..(excuse for my poor english, i'm a french have no language...)
    in my part i prefer do all the sequencing inside my MPC (but LOGIC IS SO POWERFULL!!!)
    in your opinion which process do you think is the most interessant...i mean do you in your case do the sequencing in your MPC 2500 or you prefer do this inside LOGIC...
    i think your experience can help me
    thanks i hope you will take a moment to answer my message
    thanks for your web side man


    good sound
    you give me inspiration maestro
    thanks man

    big up

    with all my respect


  5. olivier...with a sequencer as powerful as intuitive and powerful as Logic's I would never consider using an MPC ever again. Besides the issue of redundant and cumbersome functions that I've noticed while using hardware sequencers with daw's, the mpc just seems like an underwhelmed relic to me these days. LOGIC LOGIC LOGIC!!! I might even get rid of protools soon!

  6. thanks for u answer maestro!
    i appreciate
    you always take time to answer


    LOGIC LOGIC !!!!!!
    i'm a MPC addict but i know the powerful of logic